Day 4 Brown mystery lunch

We received the printed lunch menu for September today.  This menu is sent home with the students so the parents will know what is being served.  The entree choices were Pepperoni Pizza, or Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with brown rice.  Hmmmm….the vegetarian choice sounds healthy….

ummm….  Let’s move on to the Pepperoni Pizza.  Visually, I kind of like that everything comes wrapped in a crunchy plastic bag, but environmentally, it’s awful!

Thank goodness they are wrapped, now the kids can just put them right on the icky tabletop and it’s OK!  Today’s sides were oranges, grapes, celery, and frozen chocolate cup.

Although I don’t see milk cartons anymore, I was happy to see the juice carton today!  They also serve the juice in bags now as well, so I’m not sure why they would have both.


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