Day 8 Italian Food!

Ohh…Italian Calzone with Turkey Pepperoni or Cheese Ravioli with Sauce.  Sides listed as Cafe LA Baked Apples, Fresh Baby Carrots, and Seasonal Fruit.  Well, once again, Kinder and First were not given a choice…Students only received the Calzone.  Kids were calling it “Those pizza things!”

Here is what was being served, in addition to the Calzone, to the teachers, and then I saw it during the next lunch, which is Second Grade.

Hey, look….it’s the return of the milk carton…but only on certain occasions.  Maybe it’s like adult milk because the kids only get the bag’o milk.  This was served to faculty.

Hmmmm…… I never did see the Cafe LA Baked Apples?!!


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