Day 12 Crisp Baked Potato Rounds = Tater Tots

It’s all in the lyrical description of the menu…Charbroiled Beef Patty with Crisp Baked Potato Rounds….is really hamburger and tater tots!  Honestly, that’s what it should read!  I do like how one student put the two tots on top of the burger!

But wait…they serve the teachers a “deluxe” version…with condiments!

Note the lettuce,tomato, and onion!  Deluxe indeed!

But I enjoyed this the most…smack dab on the tabletop…

love the ketchup smear, upper left corner.

Now, on the menu it listed Toasted Cheese Sandwich…but once again….it’s those chicken nuggets making yet another appearance!  They seem to sneak those in quite a bit, not that the Grilled Cheese would have been any better.

And yes…the nuggets taste as dry as they look!!

One of the sides listed on the menu today were Cucumber Coins!  How fabulous does that sound?!  But they weren’t served today….I’m hoping maybe tomorrow!


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