Day 14 Ho Hum

Nothing exciting at all for lunch today…the menu listed Sliced Pepperoni Pizza and Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with Brown Rice.  The only choice for my kids today was the Pepperoni Pizza….

It’s funny how kids eat their food…

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


4 thoughts on “Day 14 Ho Hum

  1. Oh Arden, reading your blog is the next best thing to sitting right next to you at the lunch table! We just got the menus for October today, btw. Here is what kids in San Diego are eating tomorrow:
    MUNCHIE MIX (I have no idea what that could be.)
    They do get a daily salad bar too; I’ve seen it, it’s not too bad. I am SO tempted to send some kind of camera to school with my kid. They don’t get nachos here, but then again we don’t know what CHEEZ-IT is yet. Maybe it’s the cracker, but maybe not….

    • omg!!!! Your menu sounds way more exciting than ours!! Travelin’ Taco, how cool is that?! Cheez- it? It has to be the crackers because it’s even spelled the same (with all caps nonetheless). How is that salad bar set up? Do the kids just help themselves? Please share in detail all about these fabulous entrees that will be appearing in the month of October! btw, check out the mini milk from Day 15 today!

    • At least your pizza day is once a month…..ours is once a week!! I just realized that we have Taco Triangles, which haven’t been served yet this school year…..maybe that is similar to the Travelin’ Taco!

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