Day 15 Mini Milk!

I didn’t have the menu for today….but it was the Breaded Fish Nuggets with Green Beans and Macaroni au Gratin.  There was also bag o’ apples and frozen strawberries.  But the coolest offering from the cafeteria today was a mini bag o’ milk!  I was getting a piece of LAUSD coffee cake, which by the way is the best thing that they offer, and one of the cafeteria ladies pulled out a tiny bag o’ milk from the box and at first I thought maybe it was a new size….but she said it was just a mistake.  I thought it was pretty cool, though.  What a cute size….maybe perfect for coffee.  I guess someone at Driftwood Dairy thought it might be funny…or maybe it really is a new size?!  (Shannon, if you are reading this, I thought of you and the bag o’milk for the kinder kids!  I think they would like this size!)

Anyway…back to Fish Nuggets and Mac and Cheese…

Fries and Mac & Cheese!

And there is this frozen Strawberry thing…I haven’t tasted this, but I have had the frozen Peaches, and I really like it, especially when it is a hot day it is quite refreshing!



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