Day 28 Coffee Cake!

Ok…I must veer away from the topic of lunch for one moment, because today they had LAUSD or, pardon me, Cafe LA Signature Coffee Cake!  This is, by far, the best thing that has come out of our cafeteria and yes, they do bake it on the premises!!  It has that really yummy, buttery, sugary topping…nom nom!

back to lunch, which was not too exciting today…Italian Calzone with Turkey Pepperoni and PB & J Uncrustables….

Clam chowder was the soup du jour for the teachers…it’s pretty tasty!

I was told that the cantalope that they were serving today may have been past it’s prime….lots of kids getting sick….hmmm?!…when melons go bad….


5 thoughts on “Day 28 Coffee Cake!

  1. According to LAUSD food services menu planning meeting the coffee is cake is one of their best sellers and they even sneak sweet potatoes into it. We were talking about them making seasonal coffee cakes with carrots, zucchini, dried fruits etc . This is one of the products they get to make themselves.

    • I like the idea of adding other vegetables to the coffee cake! I just love that coffee cake! What other things do they still get to make in the cafeteria kitchens? Who gets to choose the names for the entrees? Does most of the food come from the Newman Nutrition Center? It seems that there is very little that is prepared on site.

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