Day 33 Sub-less

Deli Turkey Submarine was scheduled to appear today, but was a no show!  The only choice was my favoriteDeluxe Meat and Cheese Sauce!

A layer of cheese skin has formed…

Maybe this is a bit healthier….


2 thoughts on “Day 33 Sub-less

  1. What came first, the meat or the cheese?
    This dish looks like a mystery that could remain unsolved for many generations.

    Who oversees the menu publication and actual food served? Do we know?
    Thanks for sharing the actual facts about the lunches served.
    If I had a child in this school, I would probably try to pack a lunch for him/her everyday.

    • I’m thinking the so-called meat is a “textured vegetable protein.” As for the menu, I think it is developed by our district’s nutrition center….I am going to explore that a bit more, but I think that our cafeteria staff get to oversee what is actually being served. I think it is all tied in with the school lunch budget, and that is how our choices are made, not necessarily by quality or taste but by cost. It’s funny, but some of the students do bring their lunch and it is not always a better alternative!

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