Day 47 All Italian lunch interrupted by Uncrustable

Menu for today was Italian Calzone with Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese Ravioli with Sauce….but there was no ravioli, just the inscrutable Uncrustable instead!!

Uncrustable to the rescue!!

This looks like a smile!

What a pair, broccoli and peanut butter and jelly!

All things orange!

Chips should not be bigger than the entree…



2 thoughts on “Day 47 All Italian lunch interrupted by Uncrustable

  1. This website is great. Shocking food, but I love the way you are documenting this. You can even with the smallest budget come up with decent food. (Jamie Oliver Food Revolution) amongst others demonstrates this…….

    I am now eating carrot and coriander soup, at my desk, flavoursome, really healthy full of vitamins and whats more, cost about £1.50 to serve 6 people…….

    I’ll keep reading your blog!! love it, keep up the good work guys.

    Cooking Fairy xx

    • Thanks Cooking Fairy! Your carrot and coriander soup sounds delish…our cafeteria staff actually used to make homemade soups for the teachers and staff a while ago, but have stopped doing so…once in a blue moon something tasty is offered, but it is few and far between…and besides, it’s not even offered to the students!!

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