Day 49 Holiday Dinner…for Lunch!

Today is Friday and it is the last day before we go on break/furlough days for the Thanksgiving holiday….which means, according to the menu, Holiday Dinner! Mmmm, turkey and gravy with stuffing and broccoli….take a look…

The gravy looks a bit watery/gelatinous…not too creamy….stuffing looks good!

Kudos to the cafeteria staff for offering a holiday meal….I don’t think it was quite as popular as the lasagna today, or the pb&j Uncrustable, for that matter!!

One of my students only wanted this to eat 😦

Apple drinking milk.

This is the tray they were serving to the staff.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….will return  a week from Monday, on the 29th!



2 thoughts on “Day 49 Holiday Dinner…for Lunch!

  1. um, did i miss the turkey part? is it that mashed up pile of innards? turkey nuggets? it does look a little predigested…

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