Day 57 – Breakfast on a Stick

I was looking at the breakfast menu, and I saw that today they were serving Breakfast on a Stick…”Wow, what could that be?” I wondered.  Well, I must say I was a bit disappointed, since there was no actual stick involved!!  Here it is:

On to lunch…Deluxe Meat and Cheese!!

banana boat…

supplemental sides…

Also serving….Bean and Cheese Burrito and Uncrustables….  I liked the kid that took off the “crust” of the Uncrustable!!!

Remember…the Burrito says: Say No to Drugs! (Day 53)


2 thoughts on “Day 57 – Breakfast on a Stick

  1. Oh no, that was for lunch! Breakfast on a Stick, aka wiener wrapped in dough, was the breakfast, although it was stickless. I was hoping to see a corndog, but I guess this is the next best thing!

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