Day 63 Guilty….Class Christmas Party!

Yes…I know….healthy choices and good nutrition is what we talk about all the time.  Trying to instill good eating habits….but one day out of the year can’t be all that bad, right?!

I brought the pizza and the kids signed up to bring the rest….we did have more fruit on the list, but this is what showed up!  We did have carrots, grapes, and water!

Now for the not so healthy stuff…

At least these were homemade…

That is all for today….tomorrow is Friday!



2 thoughts on “Day 63 Guilty….Class Christmas Party!

  1. What? You forgot about the Holiday party Hot dogs? Goodness, I thought it was the trend that was sweeping the nation! I guess you could boil turkey dogs to be more health conscious! 🙂

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