Day 64 Sides Galore!

Today I actually bought the lunch.  The choices were Grilled Cheese or Lasagna.  I chose the Lasagna.  It actually isn’t too bad….tastes comparable to the frozen ones.  But I was amazed by what came with it: French fries, edamame, apple slices, a pear, and a juice!  That’s a lot of food….I think they were cleaning out the walk-in, so they had to get rid of everything before we went on Winter Break!  Just not so sure about the french fries….

Happy Holidays to all!!

We will be back on Monday, January 10th!!  Happy New Year!!



6 thoughts on “Day 64 Sides Galore!

  1. This is really interesting. I work as an asst. kitchen manager at our middle school and am always interested in seeing how other schools do lunch. It seems like so much food. And most all prepackaged. Don’t think we could afford to buy all the I d wrapped stuff. I like seeing the veg and fruit. I have to cup all that stuff up each day. Is your cafe run in house or by an outside company? Happy healthy holidays to you.

    • Hi Linda,

      They do offer a lot of fruit, and it’s best when it is actual fresh pieces fruit….but most of the time the prepackaged fruit is close to expiring and it just doesn’t taste very good! Our cafeteria used to cook all in house….I think now it is all prepared off site and brought to us, probably because of the budget, or lack there of….but it seems so much more costly to have all of those packaged foods!

  2. Congratulations on being selected as a featured blogger on Jamie Oliver’s Newsletter this month! I’m so glad I followed the link and found your site. Great (yet frightening) information. I am a big proponent of feeding our kids unprocessed kid food, and now a group of us are getting ready to try to make some changes to our children’s Los Angeles Elementary School lunch program. I’ll be sure to forward on your site to them!

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