Day 58 – Holiday Lunch….again

Hmmmm….rather suspicious about the offering of the Holiday Dinner today…since we are not even in the week that precedes going on Winter Break!  I’m just not to sure about that turkey and gravy!!

And then there is always pizza…pepperoni pizza!

Chocolate Launch….frozen dessert treat!


Day 57 – Breakfast on a Stick

I was looking at the breakfast menu, and I saw that today they were serving Breakfast on a Stick…”Wow, what could that be?” I wondered.  Well, I must say I was a bit disappointed, since there was no actual stick involved!!  Here it is:

On to lunch…Deluxe Meat and Cheese!!

banana boat…

supplemental sides…

Also serving….Bean and Cheese Burrito and Uncrustables….  I liked the kid that took off the “crust” of the Uncrustable!!!

Remember…the Burrito says: Say No to Drugs! (Day 53)

Day 53 Subliminal Message

Wow! Look what I found on the package of the Bean and Cheese Burrito today….

“Say NO to DRUGS!”   but YES to a yummy Bean and Cheese Burrito!!

I wonder how many kids read it?!  I am going to ask next time!

Bean and Cheese Burrito goodness!  I guess the good news is, is that they are not serving the burritos with the “Textured Vegetable Protein”

Frozen Orange Treat

Lunch of champions…

Bring your own lunch to supplement the school lunch…