Day 65 – Happy New Mural!

Happy New Year and welcome back!  A new year does not bring new food…but one can only hope.  Maybe, just maybe, things will improve!  On a positive note, we did receive a beautiful mural, painted for us by Operation Clean Slate!! We participate in the Harvest of the Month Program and we were lucky to be chosen for a mural!  Thanks to Ms. Fuentes, who heads our HOM program and Operation Clean Slate….the mural is bold and graphic and fabulous and the kids love it!!

It’s Monday…time for chicken Nuggets.  And yes, they taste just like they look!

Cheese pizza today….

Lunch items from home….




2 thoughts on “Day 65 – Happy New Mural!

  1. Hello,
    I’m from the Healthy School Food Coalition at the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. I’m working on a project with LAUSD and 3 other school districts on school meals–you can read more about it on our blog. I’m trying to connect with teachers who are interested in the issue of school food, so I hope we can get in touch. Thanks!
    –Megan Bomba
    School Food Nutrition Educator
    Urban & Environmental Policy Institute

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