Day 67 – Word of the Day: Carbohydrates

Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich and Pepperoni Calzone on the menu for today….hmmmm….which is the healthier choice….

I think this sandwich is very sad about the lunches…

But you can always find a smile….

They were actually serving cooked carrots today…I don’t think I have ever seen these served before.  They are usually just raw.

Random goodness….

I saw a nice green chile and cheese tamale today….


4 thoughts on “Day 67 – Word of the Day: Carbohydrates

  1. The school serves flammin hot cheetos?? I just stared to read your blog today, your doing a great job! My daughter is a 1st grader @ a private school (thanks 2 grandparents) she was in public school for a short while, middle class area. I have seen the lunches @ both. The daily variety of selection choices @ public school was overwhelming .. 2-3 main course options, 4 drink choice 2-4 choices for sides. There was a lot of waste. About 25% was reduced cost or free lunch program. At my daughter’s private school their are no choices it’s a set menu. No flavored milks, white milk or bottle water. Entree is pre-set for that day, ex. orange Chicken w/ rice mixed veggies, apple slices , water or milk. That would be a ‘fancy” day. K-5th will bring lunch on a day like that. 6th-8th are the big buyers that day. Hot dogs, nachos, pizza are the most popular days. Has there been any talk about less options ?? White milk only? It has to be cheaper to offer less options. The serving sizes seem pretty larger too. Keep up the great blogging!

    • Hello Kitty!
      Our school does not serve Hot Cheetos, that comes from home, but it seems to be an everyday sighting! It’s funny because there used to not be so many choices. It used to be one set tray that was given to everyone. But it has become all about allowing the students to have a choice and different options. The Kindergarten kids do not seem to get a choice and are just given their trays. I heard that it was to save time and to move the kids through the line faster. Grades 1-6 get to choose. I brought up the question about serving only white milk, to administration, but they said it was mandated by the district, that our school does not get to choose. But I tend to disagree. If we only ordered white milk, that would be our choice…why should we be forced to serve something we don’t want to? We should only serve white milk or water. In the morning I see kids pour chocolate milk on their cereal!! You daughter’s lunches sound much better. I have nephews who go to private school back east in Washington DC, and their school does not serve hot lunches so they bring their lunch every day!

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