Day 69 – Toasted Cheese, please!!

Toasted Cheese Sandwich, aka: grilled cheese or Lasagna today….I had my kids vote on their food choice and it was 4 for Lasagna, and 14 for Toasted Cheese!!

I was grossed out, yet fascinated at the same time….this one boy was playing with the cheese like Play-doh….I wonder if he ate it?!!!

Apples and Lasagna…

I am going to take a vote everyday to see what milk my kids choose…today there were 8 votes for white milk, 10 votes for chocolate milk.  I am hoping that they will all choose white milk only one day!

First window, pick up tray and milk, and oh, edamame!

Second window, pick up entree and assorted sides!



6 thoughts on “Day 69 – Toasted Cheese, please!!

  1. At the school I work at we have 6 milk choices, including skim,1% and 2% white, choc,vanilla and strawberry. At one time I think they also had orange and root beer flavored. I think 75% take chocolate. Our choices yesterday were fish fillet or chicken patty sandwich,cold cut sub, cheese or pepperoni pizza,grilled chicken salad or pasta bar with salad bar. Also assorted sides(pineapple,banana,apples,side salad and raw carrots and steamed broccoli). It is broccoli month here. I’m at grade 6-8. K-5 still has 3 main choices. I don’t know how they have time to figure out what to eat.

    • Hi Linda,
      Wow…that is a lot of choices!! Maybe a bit too many….I like Broccoli Month…so do they only get served broccoli during that month?!
      I think they should just have the 2% white milk and maybe once a week offer chocolate. It is ridiculous all of the flavored milk choices. If they were only served white milk, I bet they would still drink it! I’m not sure I understand all of the choices being offered and the amount of waste that they must have from the excess food not chosen. I wonder how they figure out the costs to offer so many items?

      • I agree with you. There are too many choices. I think keep 2 white milk choices and chocolate on occasion. Broccoli..we serve it cooked maybe 2 times monthly. Lately though we have been having a lot of fresh options, including broccoli and individual salads,carrots and cucumbers. We are trying to meet better standards but it is expensive. We live right near the best eastern grown apples so we do get a good price on those. Choices…we do cook at the school, and at this point have a good idea of how much to cook so there is not a lot of waste. It is quite a process. What bothers me is when the director brings in items that the kids don’t like and we have to use them knowing that the kids dislike them. To me that is wasteful because that money could be better spent on an item that is more suitable.

  2. I’ve never seen milk in a bag before now. Is that hard for the kids to open without squirting milk out? I read somewhere else on your blog that kids eat breakfast at school. Is this new? Or is this an American thing?

    My elementary school (in Canada) didn’t have a cafeteria or any kind of food for sale, but my high school had a cafeteria and a subsidized lunch program, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought at the time. The subsidized lunch was (for reasons unknown) served in the shop wing between the wood work and metal work classrooms.

    • Hi Taylor,
      The milk in a bag has been around for a while. I think they did it to minimize space so they can store and pack more milk than with the cartons, although we still get both milk and juice occasionally in the carton. The kids are given pointy straws so they can puncture the bag on one side and insert the straw. But yes, the point sometimes will go through the other side and cause a leak. Also when they put the bag on the table, many times the bag flattens out which spills the milk all over! It is much messier than the cartons! Yes, we do serve breakfast, before school and what they call a “second chance” breakfast at recess. Many kids do not eat at home so this is provided for them. I think this is pretty common around the U.S.
      That is so funny about your lunches being served in the shop wing! I wonder why it wasn’t in the cafeteria? Did you get to eat in the cafeteria, at least?

  3. we were allowed to take the subsidized lunch back to the cafeteria, but most of us didn’t want to be seen with it among our peers, so we ate in the shop wing.

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