Day 72 – Chicken Nuggets Substitute for Vegetarian Sweet and Sour

Chicken Nuggets took over for Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with Brown Rice today.  Pepperoni Pizza was present, as usual.

Wow…two chocolate cups!

New packaging on the pizza….

Good ol’ Chocolate Launch…..Frozen Chocolate Treat….

First thing eaten, of course!!



8 thoughts on “Day 72 – Chicken Nuggets Substitute for Vegetarian Sweet and Sour

  1. Hi.Do the kids like that pizza? That is a local company here. We use it too but it is not prepackaged. Do your kids just pick anything or do they have to take the correct components to make a reimbursable school meal? It blows my mind here. Let’s say for instance there are fries on menu. And kid takes them ( we serve them the entree and fries) , then picks a fruit and salad. We either have to charge .60 for the extra fruit/veg or have them put it back…to me, we are defeating the purpose, which is trying to get healthier meals. Should fries be a vegetable? I do not think so.

    • Hi Linda,
      The kids get to choose one entree and they can take as many sides as they want, although sometimes certain sides are to go specifically with one entree and they must take that side, even if they do not want it! I have seen kids not want to take something because they do not want to eat it, yet they are forced to take it and then it is thrown away! The whole french fry thing is crazy too….sometimes it is served with really random entrees and not very healthy. We seem to be getting more fresh fruit, which is good. I never see any fresh salads or fresh vegetables. Most of the vegetables are canned, but I guess that’s what they have to use when feeding large numbers. We have about 900 students.

      • 900…wow. At the middle school we have 680.We see a lot thrown out here too. For those that are reduced price, .40, or free, they will come thru and get pizza, which is 1.80 and we have to make them get the meal..add a milk or fruit,etc, because it is cheaper for them and it counts as a reimbursable meal. We do not allow charges either, and try to explain that it is cheaper to get pizza,milk,salad and fruit than it is to get a slice of pizza…. And our veggies are mostly frozen but we aree doing better with fresh. Yesterday I cut up grapefruit again. It was not quite as popular as it was a couple weeks ago but it is doing well.

        • It is the same here with the reimbursable meals….I am shocked by the waste….it just doesn’t make sense to give food to a student who does not want it!! I like the grapefruit….I think our kids would like that…I don’t think I have ever seen grapefruit offered!

    • Hi Jill,
      I know, it is quite strange and not very practical. it can be very messy if it is not punctured with the pointy straw in just the right way! They still serve the milk in cartons on occasion. The juice comes in bags as well. I think it is supposed to save money and space….I will ask about it on Monday.

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