Day 78 – Say Cheese!

Today they were serving Lasagna or Toasted Cheese Sandwich.  There seemed to be a definite revolt against the lasagna today….lots of kids were not eating it….it’s actually pretty good, comparable to a Lean Cuisine.

Pile of unwanted lasagna….

Excess toasted cheese and pears.

Cheesy goodness!

Ahhh…fresh fruit!

Student clutching a bag of Takis…

Milk count for today: 6 white, 11 chocolate


2 thoughts on “Day 78 – Say Cheese!

  1. Do you have a monthly menu? It seems like the choices rotate on almost a weekly basis. I bet the kids are getting tired of the same choices. On the other hand I also think our district may be offering too many choices to the k-3 range. Idk, I have been doing this work for 8 years and still don’t have a clue how to balance it all. I have a pAssion for school nutrition. Do you think things are improving in your area? I’m in south central Pa. I think we do some good things but budgets are tight. Have you ever pulled up other menus from other districts? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pool the resources and work together to figure out a balance,cost,nutrition,taste,etc?? All of our kids deserve the best.

    • The menu rotates every other week…so the kids are getting the same things over and over again!! There are two options that can be used for week 1 and week 2, meaning that an option can be substituted for an entree if the cafeteria manager thinks it is necessary. When the staff looks at the menu, they have to figure out and estimate what are the best choices and what our students will eat. I have seen the proposed menu for 2011-2012 and it looks very encouraging, more entrees with whole grains and less fatty, processed foods. BUT, it has not been implemented yet, so we shall see. I think they are trying to make improvements, and especially now with denying Jamie Oliver from the District and increasing parent activism and pressure, things are bound to change! I am not sure about giving so many choices, as there is so much waste. Parents also need to look at the menu and if there child does not like what is being served, than pack their lunch!! I see so many kids who do not eat much because they do not like what is served. Kids need to eat a good breakfast and lunch!

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