Day 80 – Charbroiled Beef Patty….really?!!!!

Hmmm…not too sure about the percentage of beef in these burgers, but I don’t think it is 100%. (I don’t think they are charbroiled, either!)

I do so love the tater tots!

We can’t let a week (or a few days)  go by without a toasted cheese sandwich….

Cucumber coins!

Choices at the window….

It’s all about portion control….do we really need the whole packet of crackers?!

Milk Count for today: 6 white, 11 chocolate 😦




4 thoughts on “Day 80 – Charbroiled Beef Patty….really?!!!!

  1. Burgers scare me. Tell you what though,we use something here called a pleva burger. It is ground beef and….believe it or not,ground cherries.they add moistness. You can’t really taste cherry . The kids generally like them best when made Into cheeseburgers. That’s the way to use commodities.

      • Yeah I think they do. They are a thinner patty. I’d take a pic for you but don’t know how post or send it. Im making cheeseburgers with them tomorrow and I think we have them on burger bar this month. Kids can build a burger with cheese and traditional burger toppings. It’s a pretty popular salad bar.

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