Day 81 – Nacho Libre

Deluxe Meat and Cheese or Bean and Cheese Burrito….choices, choices!  It seemed about even, although it might have been just a bit more on the Nacho side!

Great math lesson…compare: greater than and less than!

Lots to choose from….

California oranges!

Blech!!  Chocolate milk in the cheese sauce!!

Milk count today: 7 white, 10 chocolate



6 thoughts on “Day 81 – Nacho Libre

  1. I think our kids would go nachos if offered for a meal. Our director won’t do it though as she thinks parents would be upset that it was a meal choice. I think she is right. It is such a difficult process to figure out the best for the kids. We had tacos, chicken fajita wraps or chicken quesadilla pizza yesterday. They could add salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. We Also had deli bar with chicken noodle soup.K-5 was taco,hotdog or tuna sandwich. Corn was the main veg or salad or broccoli plus a variety of fruit.

    • Wow, your choices sound more interesting and appetizing! I know our lunch staff struggles with trying to get the kids to try new things and always serving the “standard” kid fare. They always seem to fall back into the not so good food choices just because they know that the kids will eat it!

      • We had an interesting experience. A few months ago we had a dietetic intern come in with us and we had a recipe makeover and also tried something new.the first was to make over our lasagna roll ups using whole wheat pasta and adding sauteed veg (onion,garlic,spinach) with the ricotta. And they also made a lentil soup. Instead of serving it,they offered it as a taste test and gathered the opinions of the kids. They actually did get a good response. Will either end upon menu? I do not know. But it did expose the to new things. That was a plus.

        • That is awesome! Glad to hear it was a good response. I hope it will end up on the menu, otherwise, what was the point?! That is the right idea, to have the kids taste test it!! Will you continue with the dietetic intern and the recipe makeovers?

          • She is here for 14 weeks I think. It is part of school for her. Yesterday we redid our spaghetti. It’s from scratch. She changed some ingredients and we flipped to whole wheat pasta. The verdict is still out on that one. It’s needs a little more love and spice too. All in all, a good effort.

          • That is really good news….it seems like you are definitely moving in the right direction, taking the positive steps forward to improving the quality of the meals….kudos to your school district!

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