Day 84 – Pizza and Nuggets, Post Superbowl Fare!

Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Nuggets this Monday lunchtime!

Assorted states of pizza….


Broken spork…

Milk count today: 12 white, 6 chocolate… 🙂



7 thoughts on “Day 84 – Pizza and Nuggets, Post Superbowl Fare!

  1. Yeah on while milk. I love those frozen fruit singles. I think they are peach. Haven’t had them availAble in awhile.They need to thaw a bit though . Apples and oranges too. Good fruit day.

    • Yes!! There is an incredible amount of waste. It’s not only portion size, but also the fact that the student needs to take one entree and two or more sides when they may not even want it, which in turn ends up unopened, uneaten and in the trash!! 😦

      • This is one thing that has always bothered me. Waste. 5 components Or more available. They need 3/5 to qualify for a reimbursable meal. That could technically be a pizza and milk. Which is totally not balanced. So of course you encourage veg and fruit. They take both and eat nothing.. I think I heard they were considering increasing the portion sizes too. I need to research this more before I say more.

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