Day 86 – Midweek Blues…Calzones and Uncrustables!

Pepperoni Calzones or Uncrustables or Cheese Raviolis…..Hmmmm….I think the Calzones and the Uncrustables were about even in choices today, while the Cheese Ravioli only had two takers out of all the First Graders!!



Eat n’ drink at the same time!!

Cheese ravioli….

Broccoli! (with Uncrustables)

Baked apples…not a big seller!

Look!  Two different kinds of chocolate milk…oh boy!

Milk window

Fruits and Veggies!!

Don’t forget your spork!!

Milk count: 6 white, 10 chocolate 😦





2 thoughts on “Day 86 – Midweek Blues…Calzones and Uncrustables!

  1. Any chance they will pull the chocolate milk? Happy to see they pulled the other flavors. I’m 33 yrs old & can recall my grade school only doing chocolate on Friday & everyone was really excited on Fridays “pizza & chocolate milk day”.

    • I like that Idea of chocolate milk only on Friday too!! There is a petition going around that supposedly LAUSD will accept if it gets enough signatures to ban all flavored milks…we shall see….

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