Day 87 – If it’s Thursday, it must be Chalupas!

Once again…Chalupas or Bean and Cheese Burrito…..I’m surprised I don’t see more lunches from home!

greasy, yuk!

Additions from home….

Bean and Cheese Burrito….

Milk count:  9 white, 9 chocolate


4 thoughts on “Day 87 – If it’s Thursday, it must be Chalupas!

  1. Do many kids bring lunch from home? My daughter has been in public & private school & in both she is one of the few kids to bring a lunch from home. She’s kind of a foodie for her age. She isn’t a big fan or crustables, breaded chicken or anything w/ beans or rice or pasta. So it’s easier to pack her lunch than spend the money on a school lunch that she will pick or not eat at all.

    • Not too many kids bring their lunch. Our lunches are free, so I think it is easier for parents to just have them eat at school. I don’t think a lot of parents realize what is being served and how much their child is really eating.

  2. I would assume that if it is a free lunch program that perhaps the resources are not available to most to pack lunch?I know that a lot supplement with stuff from home, usually not the most healthy. For many it could be the best meal they get during the day. That is why I am passionate about how to make it the best we can. In my school we have around a 75% participation rate,and then there are those that buy ala carte. We have started a free summer feeding program here. Last year was the first year for that. Hoping to see it grow and fill a need.

    • I totally agree with you….for many kids, this might be the best meal of the day, and it needs to be good so it will be eaten! Good eating habits start at home, although I realize that when kids are at school, there are a lot of distractions and they are more interested in playing than in eating a healthy meal! I do see some nutritious lunches from home occasionally. I think also it’s about portion control as well.

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