Day 91 – Rainy Day Wednesday

Rainy day schedule = shorter lunch time!!  So, all the kids sit in the auditorium and watch a movie while eating their lunch, less ten minutes!

Not a lot going on today….Deluxe Meat and Cheese Sauce (nachos) and Bean and Cheese Burrito….

That is all for today….


2 thoughts on “Day 91 – Rainy Day Wednesday

  1. How long do they generally have for lunch? I know my daughter’s school does a short lunch period in hopes of getting the kids to just eat & not mess around. A few months into the school year. last yr they switched it up a bit. Grades K-4 have a recess or PE right before lunch time. They figured that after running the kids were more likely to want to sit & eat their lunches “work up an appetite”.

    • They have 40 minutes. Both Kinder and First Grade have lunch at the same time, approx. 240 kids. So by the time the kids actually get their lunch, they probably have about 15 minutes to eat and 15 minutes to play. It is even shorter by 10 minutes when it rains!!

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