Day 92 – Nugget Launch!

What I mean is…Chicken Nuggets being served with Chocolate Launch, the psuedo-ice cream treat!!

Whole nugget…

Nugget bits….

Okay, so this is the Vegetarian Sweet and Sour, but I am still confused about the meat-like chunks….

With french fries!

Pizza too…..

With fries!

Milk count: 9 white, 10 chocolate


2 thoughts on “Day 92 – Nugget Launch!

  1. The grapes are a great grab and go snack. I wish we could get them packaged like that. Yesterday I have to wash and stem 3 cases of grapes. They were good but time consuming. You guys definitely have great fruit resources. We do have the best apples here though. The chocolate launch. Apparently,it is full of omega 3 and 6. Who would have known?

    • The grapes are convenient. We often get sliced, prepackaged apples, which have absolutely no flavor!! You are lucky to have really great apples!! Well, the Chocolate Launch isn’t so bad, then! Who knew?!

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