Day 95 – Cheese Ravioli?????

Calzone, Breaded Chicken Patty, or Cheese Ravioli??  Hmmmmm…..what to choose?

Cheese Ravioli….


Giant pepperoni!

Breaded Chicken….

Window 2….. lots of choices!

Wow, look at all the unwanted apples and carrots!!!!!!! 😦

I am told that the second lunch will eat this.  I hope so!!

Milk count: 8 white, 10 chocolate


2 thoughts on “Day 95 – Cheese Ravioli?????

  1. Wow…..too many things to choose from. But, there are some pretty good choices in there. Carrots,broccoli,peaches and apples. All in one day. And I’d probably pick the ravioli. We served pierogies yesterday that looked kind of similar. They could dip them in sauce. What do you think of the portion size? I understand they may increase fruit and veg portions in the future. And on a sad note, we had to stop serving fresh tomatoes because the weather caused tomato prices to spike. On another note, what kinds of things do you serve for breakfast?

    • Our cafeteria lady says that the ravioli is not a big hit, so they only order a small amount. I think there are maybe three round raviolis buried in that sauce! I think the portion size is okay for most of the items, and the kids that do eat seem to eat it all, at least with the entrees. For breakfast it is pretty dismal. Starchy, bready items like french toast sticks, pan dulce (sweet bread), hot dog/sausage wrapped in dough on a stick, pancakes, packaged waffles (like the Uncrustables), coffee cake, and cold cereal. Sometimes yogurt, but I don’t think I have seen much fruit.

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