Day 99 – Burgers and Grilled Cheese

Today it was either Hamburgers or Grilled Cheese.  But by the time my class got to the window, they were out of hamburgers so they had to have the grilled cheese.  Some of my students were not too thrilled about that!


Grilled Cheese, or um, I mean Toasted Cheese….

Milk count: 6 white, 11 chocolate


2 thoughts on “Day 99 – Burgers and Grilled Cheese

  1. In our school district the k-5 has to pick their choice ahead of time so they cook enough of everything and there is less waste. I made grilled cheese yesterday at middle school. We have around 700 kids. Made 144 but ended up having to make an extra 48. So much cheese,but to make the protein requirement it has to be 4 slices. And the market basket of the month here is leafy greens. Maybe some nice spinach will enter the salads. Yum!

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