Day 100 – 100th Day of School!!

So to celebrate, let’s have either Deluxe Meat and Cheese, aka: Nachos, or Bean and Cheese Burrito!


Bean and Cheese….

Okay, one of my guilty pleasures is the liquid nacho cheese sauce, (so bad but oh so good)….anyway, I had the tray for lunch and I noticed I was served two servings of carrots!!  I didn’t mind but I thought it was rather odd!!

double carrots!!

Milk count: 8 white, 11 chocolate


2 thoughts on “Day 100 – 100th Day of School!!

  1. Happy 100 Day!! Ours was a couple weeks ago. Maybe you got the adult serving size of carrots. And two different kinds too. The nacho sauce…well there could be worse things. And the jalapenos make a nice addition. Ours is low fat and trans fat free. It’s not too bad.

    • I enjoyed the 2 servings of carrots!! The jalapenos definitely add some flavor and kick to it!! I don’t think ours are low-fat or trans fat free, but once in a blue moon I like to eat the nachos!!

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