Day 106 – TGIFF, Thank Goodness it’s French Fries!!

French fries with anything is a hit….and when you run out of french fries, you can serve Tater Tots!!

Fries/Tater Tots with Lasagna and Grilled Cheese today!

I was assured that the extras from Kinder/First lunch will get eaten during 2nd/3rd lunch….that is good news.  Don’t want it to go to waste!!


4 thoughts on “Day 106 – TGIFF, Thank Goodness it’s French Fries!!

  1. Do they eat the edaname ? I have a great salad recipe for that. Do they just re-serve or reheat the extras ? I know we have a table where kids can put extra items not eaten and others can come and take if they want.

    • They always take the edamame, but I don’t see too many kids actually eat it….some of my kids think they are green beans, which I tell them they are, just soy beans! The extra food in the box was being collected by the ladies who supervise the lunch tables….kids could take from there if they wanted to trade or have more to eat….but just today, from what I was told, they can not save the food items, that they must be thrown away. I’m not sure I understand why?!!

      • I would figure that once it leaves the serving line they can not guarantee that it hasn’t been opened or maybe the temperature may rise to danger zone and some unsuspecting soul may get sick from it. Or it could simply be regulations that prohibit resale.

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