Day 139 – Spinach, yes spinach, Salad!!

Wow, I saw it on the menu and I couldn’t wait to see the Spinach Salad today!!  It was simple and plain, just spinach leaves with baby carrots on top, but it looked good and healthy!!  All of the colors of the salad and the fruit today were very vivid and pretty!

        The Ravioli was a bit scary, but the fruit and salad were pretty!

Pepperoni Calzone….



4 thoughts on “Day 139 – Spinach, yes spinach, Salad!!

  1. must say, that is not what ravioli is supposed to look like!
    nic thinks it looks like a scab….yikes.

  2. Looks like the ravioli was cooked too long. That’s one thing we use that’s out of a can.. But the spinach is awesome. And the fruit is colorful. Our market basket of the month is berries. We actually have strawberries and blueberries on the menu. We never have that stuff.

    • That’s great that you have fresh berries this month!! The spinach was a nice surprise! It looks like it’s going to be on the menu a bit more often! The ravioli was scary because it was brown!!

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