Day 143 – Hamburger or Chicken Patty?

Check out the Chicken Patty Sandwich today…it’s on whole wheat bread instead of a bun….

  I think some kids thought it was a grilled cheese, since you couldn’t tell what was inside when the bread was on the top!!


    With a side of crayons!


2 thoughts on “Day 143 – Hamburger or Chicken Patty?

  1. Do you ever wonder why some days you have the greatest looking meals, colorful, appetizing and full of great choices, and other days it is so….blah? I would love to see some balance. Yesterday we had a very blah day with French toast,hash browns,sausage,or pizza or cheese steak. All browns. End of year inventory.

    • I know what you mean….like the breaded chicken patty on whole wheat bread…it’s all so brown! Thank goodness for the fresh fruit, which seems to be the only consistent pop of color that makes it appealing!

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