Day 150 – Four Entrees Today!!

Wow, there were 4 entrees today: Grilled Cheese, Chicken Enchiladas, Sweet and Sour, and Uncrustables!  What choices!!

Grilled Cheese….


Chicken Enchiladas…..


Sweet and Sour….



What would you choose?!


5 thoughts on “Day 150 – Four Entrees Today!!

  1. Even with four choices I would have a hard time picking one. We serve 6 choices daily. Too many. What did the kids pick?

  2. I so don’t get why there are so many choices. I live in Ca & all we here is how the schools are hurting for $$ in upper & lower eco. areas, it’s wide spread! Why spend the $ on extra choices when so much of the lunches are wasted. Do the kids @ your school decide on the lunch entree first thing in the morning, or is it select what is in front of them @ lunch time? My daughter’s school gets a monthly menu. There are two options what one item is on the menu, choice of milk or water or bring your own lunch. It’s pretty basic.

    • Ours is the same way, with a monthly menu and two options. I am not sure why they offer more at times. I think maybe it is to serve it before it expires, maybe? They do not take a count before lunch….they have to try to project and estimate how much to order of each entree. Sometimes they do run out of certain entrees and the classes that have a later lunch may not get the same entrees. Sometimes they do save entrees for the upper grades, so they can have the same choices as well.

  3. Kitty, I know for my district (I live in PA), they offer many choices hoping the kids will buy the lunch and support the program. We are self supporting. However I feel like if the would offer fewer, more healthy and colorful options, the kids would be more supportive. They pay $2.25 lunch. I work with middle school.

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