Day 1 – Welcome Back! First Day of School and it’s Hot!!

Back to school and it feels like an oven!!  It’s so hot the kids aren’t allowed to play outside and the A/C is not working in the auditorium….so you know what that means…lunch inside the classroom today!

I thought it was going to be better, healthier choices, and be visually more appealing, but it starts off with the good ol’ Pepperoni Calzone….and a new menu item, looks like a vegetable Tamale!  Props for the green salad!!



Hoping the school year improves and gets better!!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Welcome Back! First Day of School and it’s Hot!!

  1. Welcome back!! We have the rain here. Days and days. Actually no school today due to flooding. Tamale looks interesting. Great salad. Our menus have the same stuff on them. We are learning about the changes that will be taking place. More fruits and veg.less sodium. And many others. Did get rid of strawberry and vanilla milk but they kept chocolate,skim and 1%. I always thought that kids needed 2% milk or better for growing bodies. I need to research.

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear about the flooding…that is horrible! Hope there was not too much damage. Check out the new menu on the Jamie Oliver link….sounds good! Glad to hear your district got rid of the strawberry and vanilla milk. I noticed that they give the kids a choice of juice or white milk and the overwhelming choice seems to be juice!

  2. Great link. Will look more carefully at it after work. Juice or milk. Here we can’t sub milk with anything unless that item meets all the nutritional requirements of milk.

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