Day 13 – Farmer’s Market Salad!

Farmer’s Market Salad and Wings of Fire on the menu for today!

Salad was tasty!


Wings o’ Fire….


Tater Tot mountain….


4 thoughts on “Day 13 – Farmer’s Market Salad!

  1. You guys have made great strides in adding some wonderful menu items. I’m a bit jealous. The only new thing we have added is a beef and bean burrito….don’t even ask the fat content of that one.

    • I think they are really trying, and some items look and taste pretty good! I heard that they had done taste tests with older high school kids and not with elementary kids, because I see a lot of kids that are not eating the entrees and not even trying them. They just drink the juice or milk and eat the bread and throw the rest away! This is a challenge at the elementary level…just to get the kids to try it! Gosh, Beef and Bean Burritos used to be a weekly item here, and I’m sure it will be coming back around soon!

      • Middle school level is the same. They throw whole trays of food away. Yesterday I saw one girl get pizza,grapes, string cheese and milk. She came out of the line, took the cheese and dumped everything else in the trash untouched. The kids say they want the healthy choices. I think if we had less choices but better quality ones, maybe they would eat?

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