Day 14 – Three New Items!!

Wow….three new items on the menu today!   New Orleans Turkey Sausage with Red Beans and Brown Rice, Black Eyed Pea and Veggie Salad, and what I thought was Albondigas, I think is the Caribbean Meatballs!!

Come take a look!  Caribbean Meatballs….


Black Eyed Peas with Veggie Salad….

    This was wrapped and sealed so securely that it was difficult to open it for some of the students!  So most were not eating because they probably couldn’t open it!!

Turkey Sausage with Red Beans and Brown Rice….


Most of the new items go unopened and most kids don’t even want to try it.  I was looking forward to the red beans and rice, but it really did not look very appetizing!

Maybe next time!




6 thoughts on “Day 14 – Three New Items!!

    • I totally agree….There are some nice choices, but too many new items that are not familiar to the kids. A good majority of young students won’t even try it, so it goes untouched into the garbage! Not sure what they plan on doing next…..many of the new food items are not eaten. Perhaps it is too much too soon?!

      • I think it is too much too soon. And in my kitchen, it is no change at all. Every day breaded chicken and pizza choices. The subs are still on soft white rolls and the chicken breast is not real. There is so much potential, because we do cook soups,chili, turkey and gravy, and spaghetti from recipes. But how simple would it be to sub real chicken breast, more whole grain and some new salads. I want to add a Greek salad and an Asian chicken salad. And since we grow the best apples in this county, about adding a waldorf salad to showcase apples? Thanks for listening. 🙂

        • I wonder why there is not change across the board for all schools to reexamine their menus and what is being served. Especially when you have the resources to cook in the kitchen as opposed to just getting food delivered from regional kitchens. We have a big kitchen but it is no longer being used to cook, but to reheat items that are delivered to us.

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