Day 15 – Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan!

Wow….Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan or Chili Lime Wings with Sweet Potato Fries….or a Hamburger…..

Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan…..


Chili Lime Wings….




Supplemental snacks….

Bag o’ Kix!


4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan!

  1. You have a lot of vegetarian entrees. I personally love curry. It’s kinda spicy though for the little ones. Does your kitchen do any cooking? Or does everything come in pre packed from a central location and they just serve? Did a lot of the kids take burgers?

      • this is what has to change. we need to cook more. I know alot of schools have gone to outside services that cater in. i am originally from Chicago, and they were going to that there too i think. they think it is a cost saving measure to use outside companies. They come in all glitzy and end up leaving a mess behind. participation may be up for awhile but it goes down. Our kids want good stuff. and at middle school age they go get vocal. Id like to see them do a petition, come up with alternatives and present it to the food service mgr.

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