Day 16 – Vegetable Bean Burger!

So many vegetarian choices!  Today there was a Vegetable Bean Burger or Vegetable Chow Mein.  The lunch staff was nice and offered us samples to taste!

Vegetable Bean Burger….tasty….needs some condiments!


Vegetable Chow Mein…..

The students really don’t seem to be enjoying the new menu items….:-(




13 thoughts on “Day 16 – Vegetable Bean Burger!

  1. And that is why it is so difficult to feed kids. You want them to have the best nutrition. Yet the foods that are rolling out are not being received well. When I think of redoing a menu, I’m thinking of how I can incorporate more fresh items into the mix and less processed. I wonder how the kids would receive real chicken breast, taco meat with beans, and wholegrain pizza with veggies. I’m just using those as examples. I like hummus. I like Thai food. I like Greek salad. But I think the kids need familiar food too though, made healthier. I’m working at the food service end of this, and see too much thrown out. It’s not easy. Thanks for posting your menus.

    • My son just read that and commented,just give me real food, not fake. How does it look when the Asst Kitchen Managers son won’t eat school food? I’ve packed lunch for him since 4th grade. And he is a freshman in HS now….

      • It’s all about money. If they would offer 3 choices instead of 6, I think they could purchase better quality. We do use commodities, that’s actually real stuff, until they spend the bank and have it processed, like cheese into pizza and chicken into breaded stuff. It’s so complicated.

        • You’re right…it is all about the money. I think that there must be a better way to serve foods that kids like, but that are healthier. Maybe like chicken tenders that have a whole grain coating, or whole wheat pizza. It just seems that they want to make these drastic menu changes, but if kids aren’t familiar with the food, it’s going to take a while to adjust. Do you have to plan and budget for the whole year or can you do it month to month to see what your needs might be?

          • i think it is done a year at a time. There are things out there with the whole grain coating. real chicken and not preformed. They have to make changes. The school lunch programs have a serious set of new regulations coming up in the next few years. Serving sizes of fruit and veg is increasing (i dont know how to get a cup of fruit in a k-3.) decreased sodium, sugar. all whole grain. fries will not be considered a veg and may not be on the menus at all in the future. Some of the pizza you used to get looks like the stuff we had which was smartpizza. it is enriched. Just recently we actually made homemade pizza here with the whole wheat crusts. added the sauce, toppings etc. that was actually fun and the kids loved it. we controlled what the ingredients were.

  2. It is very hard to find a balance between good taste and healthy foods when it comes to feeding children. The situation with most public schools is that they’ve had the ‘old’ menu for generations and that is what we all grew up with. But now that they are trying to make things healthier the children will surely waste a lot in the first few months because they are not used to it. It is possible that in a month or two as they become a costumed to eating these healthier choices they will eat them.
    Right now, the popular opinion amongst the children is to try to look cool by not eating it, but if we take the opportunity to educate them both at school and at home we might just be able to get them walking in the right direction.

    I know as a parent we try to balance work and home life as best as possible and it is challenging to make healthy dinners on a daily basis. I know we have all felt tired and said “what the hay, let’s get take out tonight”, but if we want our children to follow the pattern we must strive to lay out a good one starting at home.

    My humble opinion.
    F. R.

    • I totally agree with you! You state some excellent points! I think it will definitely take time to get use to this new menu. Change is not always smooth or easy! Thank you for your comments!! 🙂

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