Day 30 – Parade of Leftovers!

The menu read Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Vegetable Plate….but there were several choices not on the menu….Items that were served yesterday and the day before!

  I think this is supposed to be the Grilled Chicken Sandwich….bread roll comes on the side, so kids have to put it together!

BBQ Chicken….also served yesterday!

  Vegetable chow mein…from yesterday!

Tortellini with Butternut Squash Sauce and Mushrooms.

  Beef Soft Taco served with a roll!

Veggie Garden Burger….now the funny thing was, was that they were also serving Hamburgers and they wrapped both up in foil wrappers and the kids couldn’t tell which one they were getting!!  So they took the foil wrapped bundles, and some got Hamburgers and some got Veggie Burgers….needless to say , the kids with the Veggie Burgers were not so happy!


Ways to liven up a bread stick!……


Random meals….


Didn’t see a Vegetable Plate today!  😦


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