Day 46 – Mystery Cold Cuts!

Ok…it’s called the Italian Turkey Deli Submarine, but I was a little wary of some of the meats, and so were most of the kids!!  I think it was pepperoni and or salami, ham or bologna, or maybe mortadella…not quite sure!

Italian Turkey Deli Sub….



Cheese Manicotti….

Pita Chips and Hummus….


8 thoughts on “Day 46 – Mystery Cold Cuts!

  1. Hi. We have that same meat combo.It is processed by Jennio and it is turkey pepperoni, turkey ham, turkey salami and they also have turkey bologna. Ours weren’t sure of that “pepperoni” either.

  2. as an Italian, I don’t think I can’t vouch for any of those entrees as “Italian”. Maybe faux Italian. cooked corn really? as a side for a sandwich? and that is the orange-est meat i’ve ever seen! pass.

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