Day 48 – Goldfish and Vegetable Lasagna

The kids were excited that Goldfish were on the menu today…a small bag of Goldfish Crackers, that is!  Vegetable Lasagna and Vegetable Curry were there too!

Veggie Lasagna….



Vegetable Curry….


Bag o’ Trix….

Big Ziploc Bag o’ Trix!


3 thoughts on “Day 48 – Goldfish and Vegetable Lasagna

    • No, they do not like the curry! Very odd choice to serve to elementary kids! I don’t know if they plan on making changes soon or just continue to leave items on the menu that do not get eaten.

  1. The chef that works with your district should visit the schools and see what is not Bein eaten first hand. It really does put a different perspective on things to see a pile of uneaten food and a hungry child. There Are ways to do this where everyone is a winner. Good food and happy kids.

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