Day 76 – Hamburgers (yet again!) and Spaghetti!

Chunky Beef and Vegetable Stew was on the menu for today…but It was Hamburgers and Spaghetti being served today…I think that it’s been 4 days in a row for Hamburgers!!





Surprise!…Turkey Subs….


Day 75 – Beef Jambalaya!!

Couldn’t wait to see what the Beef Jambalaya looked like!  Also on the menu today…Hamburgers!

Beef Jambalaya….

    Smelled better than it looked!



Day 72 – Chile Verde!

New menu item: Chile Verde!  Also serving Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Let’s take a look!

Chile Verde….

  I really do not think any child would choose this.  It actually smelled good, but had a very thin consistency!  I only saw two kids with this, and one said that they made him take it!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich….