Day 90 – Rainy Day Hamburgers!

We were on rainy day schedule, even though it wasn’t actually raining during lunch, and they were serving Hamburgers today!

I did want to share what they served at breakfast this morning…this was brought to my attention by someone who was so appalled by what was being served.  I haven’t been keeping track of the breakfasts…that is a whole nother food issue!!

Vegetarian Breakfast Bowl….

Burnt mushrooms, wilted spinach, reconstituted eggs!




5 thoughts on “Day 90 – Rainy Day Hamburgers!

  1. That could have been a decent breakfast if it was cooked properly. I go in early to serve breakfast here every morning. We always have those individual cereals, milk, juice or a fruit and a number of other things. Other alternates this week have been mini pancakes,bagels with cream cheese, apple or cherry frudels, whole wheat cinnamon buns, breakfast pizza and french toast sticks. I personally feel that it is too carb laden and too much sweet stuff as a whole. WIth cereal they can also get a single whole grain poptart, or yogurt, or string cheese or graham crackers.

    And lunch. Wow. I just dont know what to think. Are the kiddoes eating? Im starting to worry a bit.

    • They do continue to eat the burgers…as for the breakfast, I think they would be better off just serving whole grain cereal, since they do not eat the egg dishes like the one served today. Yogurt and fruit would be good as well!!

      • I think a good familiar food for breakfast is essential. Thats why we always offer the cereal in addition to some other things. We have kids taking the kix, mini wheats and cheerios,etc. A cereal + a grain or string cheese or yogurt+ milk/and or fruit or juice=a reimbursable breakfast. Thats how the programs get funded. Thru reimbursable meals. Simple foods. Kids like it. Not rocket science. And you are right, if you wouldnt eat it and show that you wouldnt eat it, the kids arent going to eat it either. It seems like that egg dish would be served at an upscale omelette restaurant.

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