Day 175 – Last Day of School!

I have not posted for a few days…last two days of school were minimum days, so there were no lunches served.  We had some furlough days at the end of the year, so we did not have our full 180 days this year.  Overall, this year did see some improvements, LAUSD did try to implement new menu items, but they also went back to some of the familiar as well.  So much more needs to be done…we shall see what the new school year will bring!

Happy Summer Everyone!!  🙂


1 thought on “Day 175 – Last Day of School!

  1. hi. this is linda. I have enjoyed following your school year again. There should be many changes in the upcoming years as the regulations are getting tighter as to what is to be served and the portion sizes too. More fruit and veggies and more whole grain. It should be interesting. You guys had such an interesting blend of things this year…from the unfamiliar to the familiar. If they could just bring that balance in and mix the two, it could mean some great things for the kids. Have a great and relaxing summer. I hope to see you again when classes start.

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