Day 120 – Que es mas macho, Nachos or Burrito?!

Well, it’s Deluxe Meat and Cheese, aka: Nachos or Bean and Cheese Burrito Wednesday!

The Nachos never disappoint me visually….

Bean and Cheese….

Milk count: 7 white, 11 chocolate 😦


Day 119 – Grilled Cheese yet again!

Ok, back on Day 117 we had Grilled Cheese and today is Day 119….granted there was the weekend in between, but still!!

Hamburger or Grilled Cheese today….hmmmmm….

Tater Tots!!

Yikes!  Tots gone wild! Regular tots.

Grilled Cheese….

Milk count: 7 white, 11 chocolate


Day 118 – Turkey Sub Monday

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich or Chicken Enchiladas today….kids prefered the sandwich today….

Chicken Enchilada….

Another can of chips, this time Flaming Hot Cheetos….


Day 117 – Abundance of Grilled Cheese!

Grilled Cheese or Lasagna….funny that most kids chose Grilled Cheese and then didn’t want to eat it…the “extras” box was full from the first lunch!!

What is going on?  Not that hungry?!


Large can of Doritos….


French fries…




Day 116 – Chaluparrito or Burritolupa!!

Choice of Chalupa or Bean and Cheese Burrito today.  As you can see, these posts are getting shorter with fewer pictures….nothing very interesting these days!!

Chalupa time!

Bean and Cheese, please!

Outrageous Orange!

Milk count: 7 white, 10 chocolate


Day 115 – Calzone Deja Vu!

Oh my goodness!! Didn’t we just have Calzones yesterday?! Let me check….yup, Day 114, Pepperoni Calzone!  Well, there was an encore appearance today…..

Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich….

Yogurt Trio….with and without large quantities of Powerade!

I only saw one student with the Cheese Ravioli, and I think it’s always the same student that chooses this!


Day 114 – Corn,Corn, Spaghetti and Corn!!

Spaghetti and Meatballs and Corn or Pepperoni Calzone and Corn….your choice….

Did I mention Corn?!…..


Good ol’ broccoli….

and Grapes!

Milk count: 7 white, 11 chocolate