Day 95 – Cheese Ravioli?????

Calzone, Breaded Chicken Patty, or Cheese Ravioli??  Hmmmmm…..what to choose?

Cheese Ravioli….


Giant pepperoni!

Breaded Chicken….

Window 2….. lots of choices!

Wow, look at all the unwanted apples and carrots!!!!!!! 😦

I am told that the second lunch will eat this.  I hope so!!

Milk count: 8 white, 10 chocolate

Day 92 – Nugget Launch!

What I mean is…Chicken Nuggets being served with Chocolate Launch, the psuedo-ice cream treat!!

Whole nugget…

Nugget bits….

Okay, so this is the Vegetarian Sweet and Sour, but I am still confused about the meat-like chunks….

With french fries!

Pizza too…..

With fries!

Milk count: 9 white, 10 chocolate