Day 38 – Happy Halloween!

Today is Monday.  Today is HalloweenChili Lime Wings and Farmer’s Market Salad!

Chili Lime Wings….


Farmer’s Market Salad….



Day 35 – Beef Soft Taco, Veggie Tamale

Beef Soft Taco with Whole Wheat Tortilla, or Vegetable Tamale today.  Most kids chose the tamale today.

Vegetable Tamale….


Side Green Salad….


Beef Soft Taco….


Day 34 – Beef Ricotta Lasagna! Vegetable Curry!

Today’s menu featured Beef Ricotta Lasagna or Vegetable Curry.  Most kids picked the lasagna.

Beef Ricotta Lasagna….


Vegetable Curry….

  I heard it was spicy!


Day 33 – Seasoned Chicken!

That yummy looking Seasoned Chicken was back today!  Also available for an entree choice was the Tortellini with Butternut Squash Sauce.  The chicken was the overwhelming choice….the kids that took the tortellini didn’t even open it!!  I kept on asking the kids that chose the tortellini why didn’t they choose the chicken?  Some just shrugged their shoulders and some said that they wanted the chicken, yet I don’t understand why they didn’t take it in the first place?!!!

Seasoned Chicken….



Tortellini with Butternut Squash Sauce….


Day 32 – Wings 2 Ways!

There were two kinds of wings today…Chili Lime Wings and Wings of Fire!!  Both are a hit!

Chili Lime Wings…..


Wings of Fire……


Farmer’s Market Salad….


Sweet Potato Fries…

Random Lasagna….


Day 31 – Manicotti with Tomato Marinara!

Manicotti with Tomato Marinara and Italian Turkey Deli Submarine on the menu today!

Manicotti looked okay, maybe a bit dry….


Italian Turkey Deli Sub….not too sure why it is Italian?!….also the silver package contains cookies….


Unexpected guest entree….I think it is the Vegetable Curry…..

  Looks pretty.