Day 79 – Ahoy Matey….Subs Return!

It’s baaack! Deli Turkey Submarine on Wheat has returned!   Wow, that is a lot of meat!!

When all else fails, serve Chicken Nuggets!


Milk count today:  13 white, 5 chocolate…getting better!!


Day 78 – Say Cheese!

Today they were serving Lasagna or Toasted Cheese Sandwich.  There seemed to be a definite revolt against the lasagna today….lots of kids were not eating it….it’s actually pretty good, comparable to a Lean Cuisine.

Pile of unwanted lasagna….

Excess toasted cheese and pears.

Cheesy goodness!

Ahhh…fresh fruit!

Student clutching a bag of Takis…

Milk count for today: 6 white, 11 chocolate

Day 76 – Ch is for Chicken Patty and Cheese Ravioli!

Well…we haven’t seen the Cheese Ravioli in a while….but it was back today!  I understand it is not a very popular item!  But I did see 2 kids who had it today!

Oh, that dreaded breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich….

Make lunch happy!

Almost forgot about the calzone today…..

Baked Apples!

Two types of pears!!

I am impressed that they offered 2 kinds of fresh fruit today….looks like a Bartlett and a Bosc Pear?!

Random lunch from home….

Milk count today: 6 white, 12 chocolate


Day 75 – Uncrustables and Meatballs!

PB & J and corn on the cob!!  Yum!  My favorite today was the student who took the “crust” off the Uncrustable!!  Awesome!

Yum…raw broccoli with peanut butter and jelly!

Meatball on a spork!

Milk count today:  5 white, 12 chocolate ….But the GREAT news for today is:   Strawberry milk is GONE!! Our lunch staff said NO to strawberry milk!!     The district says the kids need a choice between two kinds of milk, and so it is lowfat white and chocolate.

Day 74 – What the Cluck?! Chicken Nuggets again?!!!

Ugh….I think I would feel different about these nuggets if they were “real” chicken strips, but they aren’t and they just don’t look very appetizing!!  The kids seem to like them, it was the choice over pizza, but it seems  like we just had both of these items last week…it is supposed to alternate every other week but I think it gets offered more than what is on the menu!

Pizza and Nuggets….


Drinking spilled milk.

Our milk count today was 7 white milk, 10 chocolate milk.










Day 73 – Fish Nugget Friday

Breaded Fish Nuggets with Green Beans or Macaroni au Gratin…..I guess if you make anything into a “nugget”, kids will eat it….or not.  The popular choice for today was the Macaroni au Gratin, aka Mac and Cheese!

Crunchy celery

Lot’s of orange!

That darn strawberry milk was back…and it was quite popular today 😦

Big,supplemental orange drink brought from home.

More fruit and vegetable choices today: oranges, pears, celery, green beans, and what is called “strawberry cup”…

Milk count:  6 white, 12 chocolate.