Day 142 – Chicken Pozole!

Chicken Pozole with Corn Tortillas and X-tra Cheesy Calzones.  Celery sticks with Ranch Dressing, too!

Chicken Pozole….


Calzone and celery….



Day 140 – Chocolate Milk + Apple Juice + Chocolate Launch = Too Much Sugar!

It’s rainy day schedule, which means the kids do not get to play during recess and lunch.  So , maybe it’s not such a good idea to serve Chocolate Milk (Which I thought was removed from LAUSD menus?!) along with Apple Juice and Chocolate Launch (Non dairy frozen treat) along with a Turkey Burger or Calzone (again!)  It makes for a very long day….too much sugar and energetic kids in the classroom can be very exhausting…for everyone!





Day 139 – Orange Chicken and Calzones!

Orange Chicken and X-tra Cheesy Calzones today.  Two choices of veggies as well, broccoli and zucchini!




Day 138 – Pizza, Burgers, and Broccoli!

Cheese Pizza, Hamburgers, and broccoli today!

Cheese Pizza….



I love the placemat!!


Chocolate Launch….

  Everyone’s favorite!


Day 137 – Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich and X-tra Cheesy Calzone today.  The Grilled Chicken did not have any grill marks though!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich….


X-tra Cheesy Calzone….



Day 136 – Seasoned Chicken with Deli Roaster Potatoes!

Seasoned Chicken and Calzones today!

Seasoned Chicken….



X-tra Cheesy Calzone….