Day 51 Corn, Spaghetti, and Yogurt Trio

Spaghetti and four meatballs….  and don’t forget the corn….

More corn….not one, but two ears!

Looks like there was some thought put in to the fruit arrangement with the peaches.

I like how the applesauce has been slashed….don’t the noodles look funny?!


Day 50 Welcome Back with Chicken Nuggets!

Oh, too much turkey and mashed potatoes?  Welcome back to Chicken Nuggets and ta da….Taco Triangles!!  Comfort food at it’s finest…forget about the turkey and stuffing from last week….

Ok….this was just creepy….I thought it was taco sauce on the nuggets, but it was ketchup….what in the world?!…how old is that ketchup??!!!

I don’t know….still think it was not ketchup!  The kids told me it was ketchup and I saw the packet….hmmmm.

Taco Triangles…que rico!!

Cool double tots!


When kids run with food….

“Hey, this looks like a face.”

Day 49 Holiday Dinner…for Lunch!

Today is Friday and it is the last day before we go on break/furlough days for the Thanksgiving holiday….which means, according to the menu, Holiday Dinner! Mmmm, turkey and gravy with stuffing and broccoli….take a look…

The gravy looks a bit watery/gelatinous…not too creamy….stuffing looks good!

Kudos to the cafeteria staff for offering a holiday meal….I don’t think it was quite as popular as the lasagna today, or the pb&j Uncrustable, for that matter!!

One of my students only wanted this to eat 😦

Apple drinking milk.

This is the tray they were serving to the staff.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….will return  a week from Monday, on the 29th!


Day 48 Is it Friday yet?

Well, Chalupa and Toasted Cheese were the culinary treats for today…. I think it actually looks better than it tastes….and that’s not saying much! 🙂

Happy Toasted Cheese Thursday!

Chalupa time!

Frozen Orange Juice Cup…but it’s not a cup!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow…it says Holiday Dinner on the menu…can’t wait!