Day 14 Ho Hum

Nothing exciting at all for lunch today…the menu listed Sliced Pepperoni Pizza and Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with Brown Rice.  The only choice for my kids today was the Pepperoni Pizza….

It’s funny how kids eat their food…

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Day 13 Deluxe Meat and Cheese Sauce = Nachos!!

Oh happy day…first serving of nachos for the year!  Now this was described on the the menu as Deluxe Meat and Cheese Sauce….whoa, can you believe that?!  Deluxe meat and cheese sauce…what in the world…?!!!!!!!


Deli Turkey Submarine on Wheat…

Now today they were serving Orange Chicken, but just for the Teachers!  Lucky!

Day 12 Crisp Baked Potato Rounds = Tater Tots

It’s all in the lyrical description of the menu…Charbroiled Beef Patty with Crisp Baked Potato Rounds….is really hamburger and tater tots!  Honestly, that’s what it should read!  I do like how one student put the two tots on top of the burger!

But wait…they serve the teachers a “deluxe” version…with condiments!

Note the lettuce,tomato, and onion!  Deluxe indeed!

But I enjoyed this the most…smack dab on the tabletop…

love the ketchup smear, upper left corner.

Now, on the menu it listed Toasted Cheese Sandwich…but once again….it’s those chicken nuggets making yet another appearance!  They seem to sneak those in quite a bit, not that the Grilled Cheese would have been any better.

And yes…the nuggets taste as dry as they look!!

One of the sides listed on the menu today were Cucumber Coins!  How fabulous does that sound?!  But they weren’t served today….I’m hoping maybe tomorrow!

Day 11 Where’s the Chicken?

The menu indicated Oven Roasted Chicken with Whole Wheat Roll, but instead it was Chicken Enchiladas.  Actually, it looks kind of like a Lean Cuisine meal.

The ol’ Bean and Cheese Burrito was back again today…but this time it was “Bean and Light American Cheese“.  The other version is just labeled “Bean and Cheese”

Look how happy the milk is…

Nothing like Old Fashioned Apple Sauce!   It’s kosher too!!

Day 10 Orange Chicken Bowl, Not!

Ohhh, something new today….Orange Chicken Bowl….but wait, ok, it’s chicken, but not orange and not in a bowl and so not even close….it’s those darn Nuggets again!!

I was excited to see Edamame on the menu today and I was curious as to what it would look like and how it would be served.  Of course it is in the requisite plastic bag…

I should have tasted it…how bad could it be?

But the best part of lunch was the Grilled Cheese in a bag!!

But wait, there’s more…..

ooey gooey cheesy goodness!!!!!!!!

I was so excited about the oozing cheese that it's out of focus!

Day 9 Chalupa!

The chalupa is back!  This used to be rather tasty….at least in years past!  They just don’t seem to make them the way they used to!  It is a crispy corn tortilla shell with meat and melted cheese.  You can also add lettuce and tomato and salsa.  Well…they just didn’t look as good as they used to.

Ha!  I just noticed as I was looking at these photos up close….the cheese isn’t even melted and it’s all darkened around the edge of some of the cheese shreds!!  That’s creepy!

Also on the menu was a Bean and Cheese Burrito.  This is actually way better than the “meat”  burritos, aka: Textured Vegetable Protein!

Day 8 Italian Food!

Ohh…Italian Calzone with Turkey Pepperoni or Cheese Ravioli with Sauce.  Sides listed as Cafe LA Baked Apples, Fresh Baby Carrots, and Seasonal Fruit.  Well, once again, Kinder and First were not given a choice…Students only received the Calzone.  Kids were calling it “Those pizza things!”

Here is what was being served, in addition to the Calzone, to the teachers, and then I saw it during the next lunch, which is Second Grade.

Hey, look….it’s the return of the milk carton…but only on certain occasions.  Maybe it’s like adult milk because the kids only get the bag’o milk.  This was served to faculty.

Hmmmm…… I never did see the Cafe LA Baked Apples?!!